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DIY: Rainbow Crayon Art

Com certeza você já viu esses desenhos lindos no Tumblr e ficou curiosa de como faz!
Bom, here you are:

DiY; Rainbow Crayon Art

DiY; Rainbow Crayon Art por the-tip-girly no Polyvore

- hairdryer
- blank canvas
- enough crayons to lay side-by-side along the length of your canvas
- newspapers
- hot glue gun (or some other type of super glue)
1. Choose where you want the colours to be flowing from. Along this side, glue all of the crayons beside each other as illustrated in the pictures above. Unless you wish to make it look like there are still crayons on it when you're done, it's best to take of the little paper wrappers on the crayons.
2. Lay out some newspaper on the floor and lean the canvas, with the crayons glued to it, against the wall.
3. Now take the hairdryer, turn it on high, and blast it at the crayons. Make sure to move the dryer bak and forth along the canvas so that all the crayons melt equally.
4. After a bit, you should start to see the wax pouring down the canvas. If you want the drippings to look extra-messy, blast them with the hairdryer too.
5. Continue until desired result, or the crayons are totally melted.

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